Help – FAQ

1.  I’m a Buyer . What are my First steps?

As a buyer, you will register / import your registered sellers before sending enquiries. You can classify your sellers according to brands and categories. Once you have done this, you are ready to send enquiries to your sellers. You will be excited to discover how many of your sellers are already registered in the system and how many of them have already registered you as their favourite buyer. If you do not have any registered sellers, the system will route your enquiry to the sellers having stock of your required product.

Format for importing your registered sellers in Cygrus:  registered_sellers

After preparing the Excel file, log in to Cygrus and goto “Registered Sellers” and Click “Import” button to upload the file. (Do not change the row headers in the Excel file).

2. How to send a proper enquiry?

You can send enquiries of existing products, your custom products (which are not available in the website) and your favourite products which you have already chosen. Please see the below video for sending enquiries.

3. I’m a Seller. What are my First Steps?

You can configure your products and register your buyers in the system. You need to create a ticket for your products upload for you. Cygrus Admin will contact you for configuring your products if it is existing or to create new products for you in the system. As a seller, you will upload your prices for the product and your stock and details in the provided template by Admin.

Registering buyers could be either done manually (or) Importing. Use the below template for bulk upload of registered buyers.

Format for importing your registered buyers in Cygrus :  registered_buyers

Once you have setup your products and registered buyers, you are now ready to send quotations, invoices and receive orders from your registered buyers directly.

4. How to send quotations?

You can start sending quotations as soon as you are registered. You can send quotes directly by entering the values, or choose alternate products from your configured products. If you have configured the products, your price automatically appears for the product in the quotation. You just need to review the price and click the send button. The process of sending quotation is explained in the video link below:

Click to see How to send quotation in Cygrus – Video presentation

5. How safe is my data in the system?

Your data is 100% secure in the system and it is accessible only by you using your login and password. Just like accessing your email account. No one will be able to view your prices, stock and your registered buyers. For more information see our privacy policy. We have deployed best-in class highly secured servers for your data safety.

6. What is the Enquiries and Orders promise to me as a seller?

This is an advanced E-procurement platform which will make your life easy and improve response time and efficiency. You can organize your products, securely store your prices and discounts and send quotations within seconds to your customers in one click. Run reports as you wish to identify who is your favourite customer and which products you are getting enquiry and quoting; Know your order conversion rate. There are tons of features in the platform which you can make use of. The additional enquiries you would get as part of this package are a bonus to you and there is no minimum guarantee for that. However, your products will be on display to customer and he will find and send enquiry if he is interested in it. Converting that enquiry into an order is your responsibility as a Vendor.

7. Will Cygrus interfere in my quotations and orders?

Cygrus will not interfere in your quotations to your registered customers. However, for subscribed buyers who requested help from Cygrus, we will ensure you are quoting the right product for referred enquiries which Cygrus sends you. You will dispatch the goods to the customers directly to their addresses. You will have all their contact details in the order.

8. Is my Prices and Stock visible to others?

No. Your prices and stock is visible only to you. Even the administrator of Cygrus will not be able to view your product prices and discount. It is securely stored in the database with latest encryption. No one other than you will be able to view your product prices.

9. Will Cygrus will assist in payments?

Cygrus can provide assistance by receiving payments online from your buyers whom you are dealing new. However, you have the option of getting payment from your buyer directly as per your agreement with them. You can even extend your credit terms to your favourite buyers. It is so flexible.

10. Is there any deductions for me if I process payments through Cygrus?

Yes. We need to pay the banks and payment gateways. Accordingly, we deduct a small percentage as a processing fee from your payments and we will credit your account with balance. You can withdraw your amount whenever you need and it will be paid to your banks in T+3 Business days.

11. What is the benefit for me as a buyer to use Cygrus?

  • Easily configure/update your own products, stock, discount and their prices for quotes.
  • Send professional quotations with your logo instantly and impress customers.
  • Earn new customers and leads.
  • Display your products on the web and allow customers to see their products and specifications directly in the web to enquire and order. Use and maintain only one catalogue for all your quotations.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Secure access of their pricing data and procurement information over the web.
  • Branding of your Company with customers.
  • Reports for your sales, leads, quotations.
  • Avoid cumbersome entering of data into a separate CRM tool for analysis. You just focus on sales and the system will automatically provide you information you need to analyze.
  • Customizable reports for Vendors.
  • Payments options outside and through the system. This ensures their continued payment terms with their existing customers.

12. What is the messaging system?

You can send clarifications on specific items of enquiries or orders to your customers. Similarly your buyers can message you on clarifications on your quotations.

13. What is the difference between E-commerce and Cygrus?

Imagine Cygrus is like E-commerce without the prices visible. You will receive enquiries for your products and send quotations and receive orders and payments through the system. You have to dispatch the goods to your customers unlike E-commerce service providers assuming responsibility and do not disclose the customer details to you.

14. What is the difference between CRM, ERP & Cygrus?

Cygrus has all the best features of ERP, CRM and E-commerce. It does not require repeated key-in like a CRM system. It is not as complex and expensive like an ERP system. It costs you only Rs.159 (US $2) per month. You will be getting the features better than the best of world procurement systems at less than a burger price. Your First month is Free! And all your buyers get free subscription for life. What more you need?

15. Why the buyers are charged with initial subscription fee?

We want to ensure serious buyers who are really interested in buying will be able to send enquiries to their unknown buyers. Hence we are collecting the subscription amount from buyers. We will refund them 100% as purchases through the system.

16. How will you give the assurances for product genuinity?

We have genuine vendors all over the world and the product comes with the reference or serial number and manufacturer warranty

We have a stringent evaluation process to identify genuine vendors. We verify the certifications from vendors if they are authorised to deal with a particular brand. We do not guarantee or take responsibility for your own registered vendors.

17. What are your commissions and fees?

We don’t deduct any commission for your sales / purchases. This makes your purchase the cheapest of all available online portals.

We have a standard subscription fees of Rs.150 per month. Apart from that, we charge a nominal fee for product mapping/configuration for already existing product categories in Cygrus and for new product categories we charge for the efforts needed by our data specialist.

18. Is there any extra cost will be charged at the time of buying?

We do not have any hidden charges at the time of buying.

There is no extra cost when the payment is directly sent by the vendor to you. However, when the buyer opts to pay you via Cygrus payment gateway the usual  transaction fees are applicable.(4%). In this way you can save on the transaction fees for large transactions.

19. Will you bare any damages of goods or different product has given at the time of delivery?

No. Since the logistics is being arranged by you directly, we will not take responsibility of goods delivery to your customer. It is your responsibility to ensure the proper delivery to your customer. Buyers should directly liase with the vendor for any issues raising reg the delivery of goods. But we will not release the payment to the vendor before the product is accepted by you if you have paid through our Payment Gateway. This will be our Buyer protection policy.

20. How soon will I get the information about the availability and pricing after I send an enquiry?

We will give you the stock and pricing details on priority basis.

This depends upon the choice of pdt and your favourite vendor’s response time. If you have not preferred any seller then your enquiry will go to the vendor who is having your pdt ready stock. If no one has stock then you can select the vendor. However, Cygrus will also assist you to resource your pdt from all registered vendors in the system who are stocking your pdt.

21. Will you assure the availability of particular brand which I enquired?

Since our suppliers are from all parts of the world, the availability is not at all a problem. You will be able to source the product you need with a blink of an eye.

Cygrus covers most of the renowned brands. In case of your product is not available in that particular brand then the vendors may propose an equivalent alternate brands.

22. What is the assurance of timely delivery when compared to other portals?

We have logistics support, we can assist our vendors to supply any were in the world.

Since you will be dealing with vendors who are stocking their pdts the chances of same day despatch is possible.

24. How do I trust the portal site to have fund in the wallet without deducting any charges frequently?

We don’t deduct any charges or amount from the customer wallet and we have secured money transaction to know the customer about the statement

The wallet is for you to buy the products and is to be managed by you only. We do not deduct any charges frm tht.

25. How will I trust the life time of ‘unbranded‘ goods?

You are fully responsible for your choice of pdts which are unbranded. We do not take any responsibility on the quality.

26. If there is any complaints in goods how long will you take time to resolve it?

You can raise tickets in case of any pbm directly to your seller in the system. Cygrus admin will interfere only in case of unresolved disputes. However, we cannot take responsibility if you are making payment to the vendor directly.

27. Will the logistics costs us at the time of delivery without our knowledge?

No, Logistics/packing & fwding charges are explicitly displayed in your quotation by your vendor. Your vendor has the option to send the product free of charge to you and it is a negotiated deal btn you and your vendor.

28. If any damages in goods how long will you take time to refund or replace?

We take it as priority to deliver the goods or replace the amount immediately

Replacement of goods/refund is based on your agreement with your vendor. If the payment is processed through Cyg and is not released to your vendor then Cygrus will hold the payment until the dispute is resolved.

29. How long will you take time for money refund after order cancellation?

After the necessary procedures over the money will be automatically refunded to the wallet

If a mutual agreement is reached between yourself and your seller we will make the refund within 3 working days.

30. How can I check my product status?

The information from enquiry to dispatching will be sent on time to know the actual details

Your shipping details will be provided by your vendor and will be attached to your order. You can track the shipment via the AWB number.

31. What will be the time delay to replace the damaged product?

According to the availability of an another product the replacement information will be given on time by your vendor.

32. How will you provide a discount when I buy bulk products?

Discounts are provided by your vendor. It is a negotiated deal between you and your vendor and we don’t interfere/influence with the vendor for any discounts.

33. Will you accept to deliver big industrial goods by your own risk of transportation?

Yes. You can purchase all types of goods in Cygrus.

Kindly note that we don’t provide any logistics support. Your vendors are fully experienced and have the capability to pack and ship the goods through their regular qualified logistics partners.

34. How will you accept the change of address at the time of delivery?

Before dispatching any goods the Vendors verify the address from customers and do delivery by the customer convenience within the same city.

You can change the address at the time of ordering or you can message your vendor to change the delivery address prior to shipment through the messaging system or via an email.

35. Will you provide free shipping charges when I order at regular basis?

No. The shipping is decided by your vendor and he might choose to give you free shipment if you buy from him regularly.

36. If I want to join in your portal what are the documents to be submitted to conform my account?

No documents are needed to register. Provide your details and register.

37. Is there any option to buy products without registration?

Not possible. As your seller needs to know about you before sending a quotation.

38. What are the mode of payments you provide?

Paypal, Internet Banking, Debit / Credit cards, International cards,Wire transfer,Chq and DD.

39. Will you provide technical data for goods which I enquired?

Millions of pdts are already available in the website. You can browse and choose them in your enquiry. Cygrus also supports enqs for custom pdts which are not available in the website. You can attch your own specs and drawings and you can send to your vendors.

In addition, Vendors will be sending you any related datasheets, photographs or drawings along with their quotations for you to read and understand more about the products they have quoted to you.

40. Will you suggest me for product selection with technical outputs for my needs?

Yes, our technical team guides and suggest the matching product of customer needs if requested by the customer.

41. Will you provide actual image of product which I enquired?

Yes. If you need the specific product image, you can ask your seller to send it to you using our messaging system.

42. How can I get pricing negotiation for products?

You can directly message your sellers to reconsider theor quotations. They can revise the prices and resend the quotation.

43. If it is small product with low price will you accept to deliver or they may have any minimum order quantity?

All these are decided by your vendors. They might choose to quote you a MOQ higher than your enquired quantity.

44. Will you keep any margin while buying a product?

No…see answers above

45. Should I pay the amount in advance?

Not necessarily. It is a deal between you and your seller. If your seller wants you to pay in advance then it must be paid using the available payment options. Once you get the product delivery, the payment will be transferred to the seller. Alternately, the seller may provide you with a credit period which you can pay outside Cygrus system. The system is totally flexible.

46. Can I add the vendor which I prefer?

Yes. You have the option of registering the sellers you prefer by providing their details. If there are hundreds of them, you can import them using the format provided above under importing registered sellers.

47. Can I get the goods on COD basis? 

Yes. Based on arrangement with you and your sellers, you can get the goods on COD basis.

48. If I subscribe in your portal, what is the assurance of getting orders frequently?

Kindly note that this is not a leads website which is selling leads or enquiries. So it depends on so many factors such as the type,price,discount ,availability and whether if you have configured your products in Cygrus. But Cygrus helps you to get customers around the globe who are registered.

49. Will you refund the subscription amount if I don’t get any enquiry or order response from your portal?

No the subscription amount is not refundable. Cygrus is not limited only to give you enquiries and orders.

50. How will I get to know about status of acceptance or ignorance of my purchase order?

We have an option on accept orders on the seller side if he has clicked that option you will get the notification on order acceptance.

51. What is the money guarantee after product reaches your place?

Once the product reaches the buyer, your payment will be released immediately. However, if you transact with your own buyer, the payment will be as per your mutual agreement of terms.

52. How will you order the product? Is it small quantity or bulk?

There is not limitation in Cygrus. But it depends on the MOQs specified by the vendors also.

53. Will you deduct any special charges at the time of selling goods to you?

No refer other answers in the questions above.

54. Will you bare of logistics?

No we do not provide logistics and it ll be taken care by your vendors. But if you or your vendors need any assistance in that then we could help you.

55. What will be your margin while selling the goods?

We are not working on margin, this is service oriented platform. It will reduce your procurement costs.

56. Why can’t you display the customer information?

Sellers will be able to view Buyer’s information when they choose to quote for them. In this process, they will acquire new buyers.

57. Are you ready to send an agreement for regular order with minimum order quantity every month?

We will not be assuring for regular number of orders from your buyers. However, you can have arrangement with your buyers to have this agreement internally and they can process the orders directly by copying the orders in Cygrus without any quotation process.